Guinness World Records: Most simultaneous cheerleading basket tosses.

The #ECC2020 will be an official event where the Italian Cheerleading Cheerdance Majorette Association and ECA European Cheerleading Association will try to beat the official Guinness World Record: Most simultaneous cheerleading basket tosses!!

Today we have officially receive the confirmation that the event will be a valid event to attempt to the record!!!

The actual record:

The most simultaneous cheerleading basket tosses is 103, achieved by International Pacific University (Japan) in Okayama, Okayama, Japan, on 25 March 2017.

Each flyer performed a toe touch during the basket toss.

We would like to achieve this real big result during the opening of the ECC2020, the European Cheerleading Championship, where there are more than 1800 registered athletes!

Thanks to the Guinness World Records to give us this chance!

Here the guideline we will use, according the GWR guidelines!

Record definition

  • This record is for the greatest number of people simultaneously performing the cheerleading dance at a single venue.
  • This record can be attempted with a team of unlimited size.
  • This record is measured by the number of participants performing the dances choreography simultaneously for the alloted time.
  • For the purpose of this record, cheerleading dance is dance performed by “cheerleaders” in support of a sport team as a form of encouragement.

Rules for Largest cheerleading dance

  1. The dance must be performed to music. The music used and the dance choreography must be submitted to Guinness World Records (“GWR”) for pre-approval prior to the attempt.
  2. All participants must all be wearing a cheerleading uniform; however, the uniforms do not all need to be the same.
  3. The use of props (e.g. pom-poms) is permitted, details of the props used must be supplied with the evidence.
  4. Independent witnesses must have a background in cheerleading (coach, former cheerleader, etc). Proof of witnesses’ cheerleading backgrounds must be submitted to Guinness World Records.

Rules for ‘Largest dance (costume required)’ records

Please make sure you follow ALL these rules:

•    The attempt must take place at a single location; in a gymnasium, educational establishment, conference or exhibition hall or some similar, public outdoor area.
•    The attempt must take place in a restricted area with entrances and exits clearly marked and controlled.
•    Indoor attempts must take place in a room designated for the attempt and outdoor attempts must be secured with fences or other physical barriers.
•    The dance must be performed in the traditional manner and in traditional clothing associated with the dance.
•    The music must be the traditional accompaniment to the style of dancing.
•    The dance must be choreographed and synchronised. Free-styling is not permitted.
•    The choreography must be executed with a high level of proficiency. Guinness World Records reserves the right to disqualify attempts for which the performance level is deemed to be insufficient, at our own discretion.
•    At least one of the independent witnesses must be an expert in the style of dance being performed.
•    The number of people who are hoping to constitute the record must all be well versed in the dance moves.
•    A loud start and finish signal recognised by all participants must be used. Two experienced timekeepers (e.g. from a local athletics club) must time the attempt with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 seconds.
•    The dance must last a minimum of 5 minutes.  Any performers who do not participate fully for the entire 5 minutes must be deducted from the final total. 
•    Participants may be in a single line, any number of lines or in any other arrangement.
•    All participants must be performing the same routine simultaneously, thus all participants must be able to either see instructors or follow their movements on a video screen.
•    The chosen dance area must be large enough to not only hold the people but to allow them to dance unrestricted the required steps.


•    For every 50 participants there must be one designated steward.
•    Stewards must not come from the organisation holding the record attempt.
•    Each steward must be allocated a specific group of participants who are to be positioned in a clearly delineated area assigned to that steward. This can be done using coloured clothing, a clearly marked area or another method pre-approved by Guinness World Records.
•    Each steward must supervise their group during the attempt to ensure full participation.
•    Each steward must monitor if anybody in their group leaves the area.
•    The steward must note any participants who need to be deducted from the final total either for non-participation or for leaving the allocated area.
•    If the total number not participating exceeds 10% of the final total the attempt will be disqualified.


•    Where the attempt has less than 5000 participants it must be overseen and verified by at least two independent witnesses.
•    Where the attempt has 5000 or more participants it must be overseen by two independent witnesses and verified by an independent, professional, auditing firm.
•    The witnesses must personally perform the counting process or directly observe it.
•    The witnesses must perform spot checks during the attempt to ensure the rules above are adhered to.


Please submit the following information prior to the record attempt to obtain approval of the proposed methods. Any attempts not pre-approved may be rejected if the process is not deemed acceptable.

1.    Counting Method
Attendance numbers must be accurately counted and confirmed using an approved method. Specific measures to ensure participants are not counted twice must also be outlined. Please see the ‘Acceptable Counting Methods’ Guide at the end of this document.
2.    Venue Layout
All venue layouts with entrances and exits marked must be submitted.
3.    Verification Method
The proposed method for verification must be explained in detail.
4.    Delineation of Area
The proposed plan to ensure participants have the required space to execute the dance choreography and to ensure participants and spectators are kept separated for the duration of the attempt.

Plans for pre-approval must be sent using the Correspondence function within your application. Attachments such as venue layouts can be uploaded via the Evidence function. You do not need to use the Submit Evidence button after uploading; as long as you write to us in Correspondence and make sure to save the changes to your application, the materials will appear for us to review.


Participants must be counted individually by an efficient, accurate method upon entering the venue. Stewards’ individual counts of their sections does NOT constitute an acceptable counting method for the record total, and is meant only to ensure full participation by all those involved in each of their individual sections. The below counting methods are acceptable when performed accurately and in accordance with all guidelines outlined above. Guinness World Records may accept additional methods, provided these methods are pre-approved.

•    Barcoded ticketing system – Tickets obtained prior to the event are scanned as participants enter and the scanner registers the number of tickets. If participants pre-register online and obtain a personalized barcode, the machine can also register their names and other information.

•    Wristbands – These can be barcoded (as with a ticketing system) or individually numbered and handed out in order by independent individuals at the entrances.

•    Turnstiles – Counters on each turnstile record the number of people passing through into the attempt area.

For attempts of 1,000 participants or less ONLY:

•    Clickers – two at each entrance in order to obtain maximum accuracy. These must be operated by independent individuals with no interest or affiliation in the attempt.

•    Ticket stubs collected at the entrance(s)

Please make sure you supply the following evidence:

•    One cover letter explaining the context of the record attempt. Please indicate the date, time and exact location of the record attempt, your chosen witnesses and your record attempt measurement. Also please provide full details of the person(s)/organisation attempting the record including details on the preparation for the attempt.
•    Two independent witness statements confirming that the rules above have been adhered to and must explicitly state the exact and final figure of the total participants taking into account any participants whom the stewards deducted from the total. Statements must describe the counting process and overall attempt in details.
•    Steward statements verifying the exact number of people successfully completing the activity that is the subject of the record attempt.
•    Where the attempt is for 5000 participants or more an official auditor’s report must be submitted from an independent, professional auditing firm and must confirm the exact and final figure of the total participants taking into account any participants whom the stewards deducted from the total, as well as all details of the verification process.
•    Photographic evidence of your attempt taking place capturing the details provided by the independent witnesses. The photographic evidence must include an aerial photo of the crowd or a photo showing the entire group.
•    Video evidence of the entire record attempt, from start to finish that enables us to confirm the measurement achieved, that the guidelines have been adhered to and verify the details provided by the independent witnesses. In addition, all entrances and exits must be monitored on video and the counting process must be clearly visible in the video too.
•    Media articles (newspaper, online, TV or radio) should be submitted as part of the evidence requirements. This is not compulsory evidence.

Please read the Guide to Your Evidence document, where you will find further information about the evidence requirements and evidence templates. It is paramount this document is read before you submit your evidence.

Evidence checklist

  • Auditor’s report
  • Witness statement 1
  • Witness statement 2
  • Proof of witnesses’ expertise
  • Steward statements
  • Auditors report
  • Aerial photo of the group
  • Counting method for participants
  • Layout of attempt area
  • Video of the entrance/exits
  • Video evidence
  • Media articles
  • Cover Letter
  • Photographic Evidence
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